ECONO-PAK wins new customer from the organic convenience sector

20 сентября, 2018

Reliable and proven machine concept convinces new customers

Our customers already include numerous well-known companies from the frozen berry industry, not only in Germany, but also worldwide.

A new customer for ECONO-PAK has now joined this series. It is an owner-managed, medium-sized company with around 60 employees who develop and refine all recipes directly in the company. Here one relies still on individuality. The German manufacturer with a certified company for high-quality organic products attaches great importance to sustainability. So he decided for an efficient ECONO-PAK Top-Load-Line. The line consists of a carton erector, type FA-V-1300 and a straight line carton closer, type GVE-LD. The carton erector erects the carton with a double-head tab-lock tool.

After erecting, the cartons are synchronized into a servo-controlled chain conveyor. An intermittent double funnel system is available for loading the cartons by means of a multihead weigher.

intermittent double funnel systemIn order to load the carton with the help of a multihead weigher, they pass under the double funnel systems. The frozen fruits are discharged from the multihead weigher into the funnels. The berries then fall through the funnels into the carton. To flatten the bulk, the box is laterally vibrated during product filling. The loaded cartons are then transferred to a belt conveyor and fed to the closing machine.

We are very pleased that we are able to support the newly won customer with our reliable and proven machine concept in the best possible way in setting up his new frozen fruit business. Nothing therefore prevents a successful cooperation in this project.