We educate! — ECONO-PAK promotes new generation in mechanical engineering

24 августа, 2017

New training year features new generation

As an established, medium-sized mechanical engineering company, we offer young, motivated people a varied and interesting start into their professional future. For several years, we have been training in various technical professions in cooperation with the Industrie-Institut für Lehre und Weiterbildung Mainz eG (ILW). These include cutting machine operator, industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers. In addition to the time spent in the training company, the in-company training is also held at ILW Mainz.

In doing so, the ILW assumes parts of the company-based training, which for reasons of time or capacity, cannot take place in the training company. Thus the trainees can concentrate fully on a certain topic. In addition, the ILW offers courses for the deepening of the teaching contents and prepares the trainees for the respective exams. In the case of dual training, theoretical instruction at the vocational school is also an important and useful part. As an owner-run family business, we are also striving to employ trainees in our company afterwards. We have been able to achieve this success over the past years. In this way, we are building a strong new generation with specific knowledge about our machines.


The new training year started on 15th August 2017. We welcome three new trainees. This year we will be training in the following professions: cutting machine operator, industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers. We are looking forward to a good cooperation and wish our trainees a successful start as well as an exciting and instructive training period.