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Expansion in the USA

août 27, 2021

The USA is becoming more and more important for ECONO-PAK thanks to further orders. From the East Coast across the Midwest to the West Coast, you can find more and more machines from ECONO-PAK. German [...]

Frozen products packed with ECONO-PAK

août 2, 2021

Frozen potato products are packed in northern Germany with the help of ECONO-PAK. A top-load line enables the loose goods to be packed fully automatically. After the cartons have been erected by two carton erectors, [...]

Dairy products efficiently packaged

juillet 2, 2021

A Bavarian producer of dairy products commissions ECONO-PAK to manufacture a packaging line. Conventional top-load lines usually process carton boxes with attached lid. This new line now consists of erecting a tray and loading it [...]

High performance cartoner for cereals

juin 8, 2021

ECONO-PAK is building a new high performance cartoner for packaging cereals in pouches. The Polish producer of various cereal brands is further automating its production and increasing capacity. The HK-S will pack cereals at speeds [...]

Born in the USA – Packed with ECONO-PAK

mai 18, 2021

ECONO-PAK produces a new top-load line with servo machines for a Californian ice cream manufacturer. 12 to 24 pieces of waffle ice cream are packed fully automatically into an erected carton box. The HFAI-S carton [...]

Responsable des ventes France

mai 6, 2021

ECONO-PAK souhaite la bienvenue à Jean-François Hubert ! Jean-François est en charge de l’ensemble des clients français. Ainsi, ECONO-PAK est maintenant en mesure d’apporter, en France, un service toujours plus performant et de s’ouvrir à de [...]

Another order in the ice cream industry

avril 7, 2021

ECONO-PAK continues to gain a foothold in the global ice cream industry. A global manufacturer of ice cream will process its packaging with additional closers from Flonheim in the future. A fully automatic machine solution [...]

Power bars packed with power machines

mars 25, 2021

ECONO-PAK manufactures a fully automatic packaging line for a German producer of sport bars. The flat carton blank is formed at high speed (erector type HFAI-S) and transported to an automatic loading station. There, the [...]

Three case packers for chicken nuggets

mars 8, 2021

A producer in northern Germany has commissioned ECONO-PAK to manufacture three case packers. These will complete top-load lines also manufactured by ECONO-PAK. Case packer with driven magazine The case packers are capable of forming four [...]

Vertical cartoner for filter elements

février 22, 2021

ECONO-PAK built a vertical cartoner with special product handling for a producer of filters based in Baden-Württemberg.   With this machine, the carton blank is automatically erected.Cylindrical filters and accessories are manually inserted into the [...]