High-performance Tray-erector with stacking unit for cheeseburger

juin 26, 2018

Joint project of MCA and ECONO-PAK for a French customer

High-performance Tray-erector, HFAI-S

Together with our longtime partner MCA Process, based in Quimper / France, we have built the first high-performance Tray-erector, HFAI-S, with a capacity of 168 trays per minute, for a French customer from the packaging industry. The company produces cardboard trays that are equipped inside with a deep-drawing tray made of thin plastic. These trays can then be filled directly by the end customer with the desired product, e.g. salad or burger. Four cardboard trays are shaped, glued and pushed out of the tool shaft at the same time with a four-head forming tool. In this process two lid trays and two bottom trays are erected, which together built the packaging for the cheeseburger.

MCA then handles the stacking of the cardboard trays on a conveyor underneath the carton erector. To ensure a smooth production process of the entire machine, the responsible departments of MCA and ECONO-PAK work closely together. They ideally coordinate the important technical and electrical processes, as well as the continuous processes between the erecting machine and the stacking unit.

MCA Process is working in the process and robot technology for more than 20 years. The expanding French company is a global player, particularly in the meat processing, convenience food, snack, fish, tin can and pet food sectors. Together, MCA and ECONO-PAK regularly succeed in convincing international customers of the perfectly synchronized machine concepts and successfully acquire new customers.