Packaging line for Serbia

novembre 15, 2021

ECONO-PAK_KartoniererThe Serbian confectionery industry is looking forward to new packaging machines Made in Germany. A renowned producer of biscuit products is increasing its capacities with the support of ECONO-PAK. The HK-S cartoner packs biscuits in foil fully automatically into the carton box. In addition to the possibility of packing one layer of products, two layers can also be pushed into the carton on top of each other. The cartoner fills and glues the cartons at a rate of up to 150 cartons per minute. At the end, the perfectly packed product leaves the packaging machine.

The cartoner is followed by a case packer, which groups the carton boxes and pushes them into a wrap-around shipping carton. Both flat-stacked and on-edge groupings are possible in this machine. Two different infeeds into the packer make this possible. The packaging line from ECONO-PAK thus serves the area of secondary and tertiary packaging at the end customer.

Compartment chain for placing the boxes on the edge