Training for maintenance and production

9 января, 2023

A two-week training course for U.S. employees from maintenance and production was a complete success. Four technicians from a large ice cream producer visited ECONO-PAK in Flonheim. Here, they intensively participated in training sessions on various packaging machines over a period of two weeks. In addition to technical features, electrics and controls were also part of the program, as well as troubleshooting and general machine operation.

But also the activity program at ECONO-PAK offered a lot. The guests from different regions of the United States got to know the culture of Rheinhessen, a local winery and attended a soccer match of the 1. FSV Mainz 05.

The intensive time was a complete success for all involved. The promising concept will be further expanded and planned again with the next customers. In this way, their employees can also be optimally prepared for the machines in further projects.