Carton erector


Packaging machine for erecting flat carton blanks

The technical, practice-oriented concept of our carton erecting machines offers a wide range of possible applications both as individual machines and as machines within packaging lines. Our machines are customized to different requirements, formats and performances and therefore represent a high level of flexibility.
The ECONO-PAK carton erector erects flat carton blanks of different designs and carton structures into cartons – with and without lids. The erected carton falls through the tool chute onto the downstream conveyor system. The flat carton blanks are erected in the machine by means of forming tools suitable to the carton blank design.

Available in different types and construction sizes

  • FA – Carton Erector

tab-lock / hot-air / turn-over- end                           50 cartons / minute / erecting head

  • FAI –Carton Erector indirect

tab-lock / hot-glue / hot-air / turn-over-end           45 cartons / minute / erecting head

  • HFA – High performance-Carton Erector

tab-lock / hot-air / turn-over-end                           60 cartons / minute / erecting head

  • HFAI-S – High performance-Carton Erector with servo-technique

tab-lock / hot-glue / hot-air / turn-over-end           60 cartons / minute / erecting head

The following tools are available for different carton blank designs

  • Tab-lock forming tools
  • Hot-glue forming tools
  • Hot-air forming tools
  • turn-over-end forming tools
  • Edge-Wep forming tools
  • Special design forming tools

Forming Tool Flyer


  • Approved machine equipment with standard components
  • Consistant optimal carton display
  • Careful forming of carton without damaging the print image of the carton
  • High availability
  • Quick change-over times
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Little space required
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability for parts manufactured by ECONO-PAK for 10 years

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